OSUC and Survey

Training observatory

For the start of the 2024 academic year, we will be setting up the versatile training observatory (Observatoire Pédagogique Incrémental de l’OSUC), which will be located on the OSUC campus and will be used for GEODATA training. This will provide real-life experience of scientific observation, from data acquisition to publication. Equipped with solar panels to supply energy and a wifi antenna for data transmission, this educational observatory will be one of the pillars of the training programme. A soil pit will also be dug close to the observatory, to be instrumented by the students.

une image de synthèse montrant le projet d’observatoire pédagogique situé sur le parc de l’OSUC (c) Moreira with Midjourney
un dessin montrant une fosse pédologique. (c) M. Moreira with Midjourney

Visualisation of instrument data

As the student instrument projects are implemented in the training observatory or on other equipped sites, the acquired data will be inserted into the OSUC’s dedicated GEODATA database, then displayed on our website, and accessible from anywhere in the world, in real time.

Our GEODATA database, for ease of use by students, will be created using Firebase and its Realtime Database tool. We will also be able to connect other databases of the same type over the years. The visualisation site is currently under construction. A project to this effect has been submitted to the DILL-XP (https://dill-up.fr/), with a view to co-constructing our new platform with the students.