Work of environmental science data

Due to the exponential growth in the volume of data, both structured and unstructured, generated each year, the field of data science is facing unprecedented needs. Qualified professionals in this field, known as data scientists, are in great demand at all levels. This is especially true for data scientists who study environmental issues.

The growing amount of data, both in terms of its diversity and quantity, has created an increasing demand for the specialist skills of data scientists. These experts are responsible for collecting, organising, analysing and interpreting massive data sets in order to generate usable knowledge. Their expertise is essential for solving complex problems, making informed decisions and guiding data-driven strategies in business, science, and technology.

Due to this high demand, competition for the best data science talent is fierce. Private and public sector companies are vying to recruit highly skilled data scientists and offering attractive benefits, today.

In summary, due to the exponential growth of data, professionals with advanced data science skills are essential for processing, analysing and interpreting today’s complex data. They are expected to make significant contributions to successful decision-making in a variety of fields. Our education program aims to produce such experts, who also have a good grasp of current and future environmental issues.

Data scientist in private and public sector

Engineering consultants in major research organisations

Obtain PhD, then CNRS research engineer ou researcher/university staff

Expert in consulting firms